Words of Caution is an exploration of the cautions and advice that are passed down matrilineally (woman to woman). These cautions and rules are interwoven with other more general advice. They are slipped into conversations as women are driving, cooking, walking, and working together. They become normative. To break these rules is to put oneself in danger, to be punished. Not punished legally but, physically harassed, assaulted, and abused. Punished because as a woman, they have taken up too much space, claimed too much power, or owe something to the system.

After having a conversation with each of these women, about the first words of caution they received from another woman, we made a portrait. Their stories, in their own words, are printed next to their portraits. In gallery presentations the words are screen printed and framed separately. The stories will always remain next to the portrait of the participant to whom they belong.